Sustainable sourcing of raw materials is top priority for Pure Oil as well as being an extremely important factor to our customers. We only work with internationally recognised suppliers that offer the same sustainability and safety factors as ourselves. We always aim to continuously further improve collaboration in this area.

As for sustainable sourcing of Edible Oils, we continue our strong engagement with our suppliers to drive and ensure sustainability in the supply chain.

Pure Oil ensures the peace of mind of our customers, offering full traceability in every aspect of our business. All our vegetable oils are produced to agreed specifications.

Pure Oil provide consistent solutions to optimise fresh cooking oil without compromising food quality. Our sales team will visit sites and work with chefs to ensure optimal life, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your catering oil.

To maintain product quality we test every batch of oil we receive, carrying out a Free Fatty Acid test (FFA) and Peroxide Value (PV test).

Offering Full Traceability

Sustainable Growth is fundamental to Pure Oil’s business & a Key Objective to our Strategy.

For us, sustainable growth is about our responsibility towards our key stakeholders, national & local customers, employees and the communities in which we operate.

Pure Oil operate to an Environmental Management System which formally documents our procedure for safe handling of recovered material at each stage of our process.

Our system is overseen and accredited by RED cert which is a German Certifying body that independently certifies the traceability of all our collected materials as sustainable.

This provides our customers with peace of mind that we operate and manage their waste to the highest standard.


Pure Oil’s Traceability Certification

Waste Collection Permit
Waste Facility Permit

We are a Nationwide Family Business that prides itself on our Core Values

Quality Testing​

To ensure our oil is safe from microbiological contamination Pure Oil regularly tests its oils for Listeria, Salmonella, EColi, Enterococci and total bacterial count (TBC). We conduct these tests with ALS Life Sciences in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. This is a legislative requirement and a top priority for us to ensure a safe and legal product is delivered to our customer.

Pure Oil supply market leading vegetable oils, ensuring that all our customers get the best value and longest life from their bulk catering oil.

Our vegetable oils come direct from the refineries to us, ensuring that we supply the freshest catering oil available.


Pure Oil’s Carbon Offset Award  Program

2019 saw the launch of a new initiative,  Pure Oil’s Carbon Offset Award Program. This program was designed and implemented not only to encourage our customers to think proactively in terms of disposing of waste cooking oil but to award our customers for their efforts in taking the necessary steps to help Ireland reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Our customers often mention a proud moment & sense of achievement when being presented with our Carbon Offset award. This certifies that the Customer is working in partnership with Pure Oil to reduce Ireland’s Carbon footprint, which is having a direct impact on reducing Ireland’s Greenhouse Gasses.

Pictured below is Our Quality Manager Eiléan Hynes presenting Kelly’s Resort & Spa, Rosslare Strand, Executive Head Chef Eugene Callaghan with their Carbon Offset award.

Together for a Greener Future!


Improving your Eco Credentials ~ Think Responsibily

In recent years, regulations have become more stringent in relation to sustainability. All food businesses throughout Ireland, no matter what their size, are obliged to track and monitor used cooking oil and waste food disposal.

We can help your business avoid unnecessary penalties that can come with not disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

We can offer new state of the art Waste Disposal equipment for disposing of your waste oil ethically and free of charge.

We can guide you in enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by working with a legitimate and nationally recognised licensed collector.